Community Driven Meditation and Yoga classes in Niagara

Whether you’re looking to melt away anxiety, increase mobility, or release some of the day to day stress the HeartMind Healing Centre has a yoga class or wellness event for you!

To find out if it’s a good fit, book a Free 20 Minute introductory session by clicking the button below, or giving me a goal.

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Dive in the World Of Yoga, Meditation, and Health

With a Variety of Classes and Packages There’s One For Your Needs

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Yoga Monday

A gentle Hatha yoga class that anyone can join no matter your flexibility pr experience.

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Saturday Meditation

A group meditation class where we cover mindfulness techniques and instruction so you can continue the practice throughout the week.

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Business Wellness Cafe

All businesses need balance in order to succeed. Lunch and learns on how to manage your business well and take care of yourself too in order to avoid burnout.

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Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a lunch and learn that teaches you about the benefits of being present while eating and the necessity for whole foods and healthy digestion when it comes to your mind. Enjoy a tasty lunch too!

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7 Day Cleanse

A basic introduction to cleansing. Reboot your system with a simple way to get rid of winter blahs, sluggishness and lack of focus.

Memberships Begin At $45/per month

Including community yoga , mindfulness meditation, mindful eating + cooking classes to help you feel fresh, full of energy, and connected.

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Yoga's Perfect For You IF...

  • Experiencing grief, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, childhood trauma, and developmental or incidental trauma in your life
  • Feel like you are on the verge of a burnout and lacking energy
  • You just want a place to retreat and refuel
  • You are a busy professional living a fast pace stressful life
  • You procrastinate to the point of feeling stuck
  • You may have also noticed that food has become a chore, an addiction or simply dull 

What others have experienced

It is always a pleasure attending Dianne's 8am Saturday meditation classes! She offers a calming presence, always making you feel relaxed and welcome. The classes focus on a variety of different topics and intentions, really shedding light on different aspects of your day-to-day life.
darcy richardson past yoga client
Darcy Richardson
The best spiral and life and yoga coach. Always leave feeling total relaxed and renewed and her words and guidance remain with me day after day
ginette past yoga client
Ginette Marinelli
By incorporating Yoga into meditation, or rather re-explaining and reframing, the essential link between the two, Dianne has empowered me to take control of my mood, and by extension, my life.
mike, a past meditation and yoga client


What's The Class Maximum Limit?

People find that yoga is much more accessible with classes capped around 12 people, as all instructions are personalized to each class’ needs, level and interests.  As well, the ability to assist and interact with students enhances throughout the class.  

How Much Experience Do You Need For Your Classes?

Classes and workshops are for beginners or seasoned yoga students. If you’re returning to yoga or always felt you disliked yoga due to a previous bad experience, then you’ll love our classes. You’ll learn to strengthen your body, release tension, increase flexibility, and relax your mind — all in a safe space. Our students say that our sessions offer a healing, non-judgemental atmosphere, giving them the opportunity to get in touch with their own sense of spiritual wellbeing. You’ll leave with a sense of calm and balance that helps you to ‘live yoga’ in your everyday life.

Do you have drop in classes?

Yes, if you want to drop in an try a class you can pay in person at the studio. 

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