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About How The Heart Mind Yoga Centre Came To Be

My Way Of Health & Life

Dianne Ellis

Yoga has the power to transform lives.  For me, it reminded me of the BIG picture while helping me to keep an eye on me — the real me. 

I grew up in a home inspired by Christian faith.  But, I soon realized that having faith isn’t a label that determines  our heart’s intent — it’s our actions.  So, over the years, I’ve continued to sculpt my life according to my heart with the aim to live a life of non-judgement and loving-kindness.

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Holistic Wellness Coach


My Story

My resilience has been tested through hard lessons learned since the death of my mother from brain cancer, when I was 16 yrs. old.

It was a high school guidance counselor who first introduced me to yoga breath techniques (pranayama) to cope with my loss.  This helped me through high school but, I still didn’t realize the gift I had been given with this one simple act. 

Still, I continued to use pranayama and slowly — very slowly — it became my practice.  I didn’t practice asanas (postures) until years later — but I’m jumping ahead.   I began to research ways of dealing with stress, family crisis, identity, grief and its impact on the soul. 

Still in my teens, one of four children — and one of the youngest – I tried to share my new knowledge with my family but, they had their own rhythms on how to cope with life and grief at the time.

Plus, they didn’t trust counselling, psychological insights or, any practice that had to do with a seemingly “non-Christian” Western approach to God or Spirituality.   So one of the main things I learned from this resistance was when to listen and when to step back.  I also realized that I had to make peace with my grief and to let my grief heal me.  It is through this life changing experience, that I also became acutely aware of three important life lessons:  

“Define what matters + Live with purpose + Love Your Life.”   

So, when my sister also died of the same dis-ease over 3 years ago, her death, along with my mother’s, reinforced my initial drive to serve others by inspiring them to LIVE. 

What My Clients Say About Me

The fact that I could sit through an hour of instruction on oils, showed me that I am getting better with mental tasks and I was able to assess “where I’m at” in that regard. The hour yoga did me a world of good, afterwards I felt the best I have in many months.  The routine was perfect for me in that it was challenging enough and yet I could do most of it with some modification.
Karen D
Excellent...! Dianne's always available for a chat. She's very aware of the people around her...their comfort of mind and level of anxiety and acted on these issues as soon as she noticed. She listened to me when I needed her and was always available.
Beatrice M.W.
Retired Education Administrator

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