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Classes Available For You

Yoga Mondays

Each Monday at 10AM

The style of yoga is Hatha. Which is a style of yoga which you go through poses. This is a gentle introduction to the most basic yoga postures, with props available to help you be able to do it no matter your body type or flexibility. 

Meditation Saturdays

Each Saturday at 8AM

Learn to manage a stressful week with our basic introduction to mindfulness meditation tips and practice in a supportive group of like-minds, with no judgement just us and our breath.

Business Wellness Cafe

Every Wednesday 12 Noon

All businesses need balance in order to succeed.  Lunch and learns on how to manage your business well and take care of yourself too in order to avoid burnout. 

Mindful Eating

4th Friday/ Monthly

Did you know that the more we chew each bite the better it is for our overall health?  Mindful eating is a lunch and learn that teaches you about the benefits of being present while eating and the necessity for whole foods and healthy digestion when it comes to your mind.  Enjoy a tasty lunch too!

You Can Experience An Unlimited amount of classes until March for just $45 a month

Workshops and Private Coaching Available

Private Yoga Sessions

Available to book on request

Yoga customized to your needs whether that be increasing flexibility, decreasing stress and anxiety, or exploring all aspects of yoga. 

Reiki to heal stress

$75 per booked session

Reiki can help heal your stress and anxiety whether it’s PTSD, other past trauma or you just want to find more peace. To book a session click  on the button on the botom of the page or call 647 960 7620

Work/Life Balance -Business Wellness package

Begins at $997.00 / Month With a 3 month Commitment

Minimum 3 months to start and see results

This a full personalized plan for a business or group people that includes business coaching ; life coaching ; Yoga Your Type, to help decrease stress build trust and improve business culture in your workplace. 

30 Day BodyMind Detox


A personalized Yoga Lifestyle Plan to help you break through anxiety and other road blocks. 

To Find Out Which One Is Perfect For You Book A Free 20 Minute Consultation

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